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Authentic Handcraft

Craftsmanship is our vocation, a constant value of our DNA. It is the tradition that guides us in our work, the passion for beauty, attention and attention to detail. It is the expert hands of our craftsmen who shape the clay giving it a new shape. It is the value we choose to carry forward, generation after generation.

Antica Fornace Mariani Mital - Terracotta Impruneta Florence
[ Excellence for over 100 years ]

Antica Fornace Mariani

For more than 100 years, we have been working the land of Impruneta in an artisanal way, carefully following every single phase of processing, to create unique artifacts. We live in our furnace and, among us, we have never stopped guarding and passing on the secrets and techniques of the art of furnace makers. Cultivating craftsmanship is a family tradition for us, made up at the same time of great history and intimate memories, which give us the energy to dream of something new every day, albeit trying to return in every vase, statue and ornaments from the garden the secular beauty of Impruneta terracotta.

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For Your Dream Garden

The quality of the Impruneta land, the patient craftsmanship and constant attention to detail are the elements that make your garden unique.

[ Antica Fornace Mariani ]

Production of terracotta


Terracotta vases Impruneta Florence


Terracotta boxes Impruneta Florence

Statues and Busts

Terracotta statues and busts Impruneta Florence

Jars and amphorae

Terracotta jars and amphorae Impruneta Florence


Terracotta conche Impruneta Florence

Garden decor

Garden decor terracotta Impruneta Florence

Pillar ornaments

Terracotta pillar ornaments Impruneta Florence

Wall ornaments

Terracotta wall ornaments Impruneta Florence


Special terracotta products Impruneta Florence

" Shades and color differences make each piece unique and unrepeatable "

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