Size 1914
Antica Fornace Mariani
Terrecotte Impruneta
Size 1914
Unique terracottas for dream gardens
Vases, jars, statues, boxes, wall ornaments, basins, garden furniture

Antica Fornace Mariani

Craftsmanship is our vocation, a constant value of our DNA. It is the tradition that guides us in our work, the passion for beauty, attention and attention to detail. It is the expert hands of our craftsmen who shape the clay giving it a new shape. It is the value we choose to carry forward, generation after generation.

Terracotta vases

The handcrafted terracotta vases of Impruneta are forged according to the noble local tradition. These vases represent a perfect union between contemporary modernity and timeless classicism. Their simplicity is what makes them special, and they stand out for their fine workmanship in natural clay.
Each handcrafted vase is decorated by hand in every single detail, offering a wide choice of shapes and decorations. Natural clay, the main element of these vases, keeps their beauty and timeless style alive.
The combinations of these vases give light and warmth to the rooms, creating spaces with great expressiveness and able to embellish any quality of furniture. Choose the handcrafted terracotta vases from Impruneta to transform your spaces into unique and refined places.

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Terracotta boxes

Terracotta boxes represent the perfect balance between artistic expression, utility and functionality, especially when it comes to hosting flowers and plants in the outdoor environment. These boxes offer a sober and elegant style, destined to last over time, and allow you to pleasantly combine different shades of floral compositions, creating enchanting color combinations.
Made of Impruneta clay, the terracotta boxes keep in their architecture robustness and high resistance to frost, thanks to the presence of ferrous metals in the raw material. These characteristics make terracotta crates an incomparable choice for outdoor environments.
Choose terracotta boxes to create a decorative and refined atmosphere in the garden or on the balcony. Their timeless beauty and...

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Terracotta statues and busts

The ancient terracotta busts and statues are the result of centuries of experience and craftsmanship. These works of art furnish impeccably, giving an enveloping romantic style to entrances and gardens. Available in various heights and dimensions, the statues express the purest language of Impruneta art in its most authentic and majestic manifestation.
Individually crafted by skilled craftsmen in natural clay, the busts and sculptures are true masterpieces of precision, detail and finish. These works of art are an unmistakable symbol of Tuscan quality and craftsmanship. Antique terracotta busts and statues are perfect for creating a romantic and refined atmosphere in gardens, courtyards and entrances.
Choose antique terracotta artworks to create a unique and unmistakable...

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Terracotta jars and amphorae

Each terracotta jar is a unique creation of handcrafted design, turned and finished by hand according to the most ancient manufacturing techniques. Thanks to the infinite combinations of finishes and color mixes, each jar is different from the other, creating a truly original piece.
Terracotta jars are among the most representative objects of terracotta production. Extremely capable of immersing any space, inside and outside, in charm and originality, these objects embellish rooms, gardens, terraces and balconies. Each piece is produced by hand and cooked in a wood oven, following the Tuscan tradition to ensure the highest quality and authenticity.
Terracotta jars are a perfect addition to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in any setting. Thanks to their craftsmanship,...

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Terracotta conche

The terracotta basins are decorative objects used for outdoor furniture. These basins are made of terracotta, a natural and weather-resistant material, which gives them a rustic and elegant look. The basins can be used as plant pots, fountains or simple decorative elements.
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The terracotta basins are perfect for decorating gardens, terraces and balconies. Thanks to their resistance, they can also be used as decorative elements in the home, such as centerpieces or vase holders.

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Terracotta garden decor

A realm of decorative possibilities that transform gardens and outdoor spaces into veritable edens of art and tradition, thanks to an inimitable material for quality and resistance: Impruneta terracotta.
A wide assortment of artistic terracotta with a highly anti-freeze nature, whose cooking at high temperature gives it a remarkable resistance to environmental agents. The beauty of ceramic never sets, intensifying over time and mixing its surprisingly modern retro style with that of courtyards and outdoor spaces, to create superfine scenarios.

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Terracotta pillar ornaments

A line of classic and elegant pillar vases and ornaments, designed with methods and skills dating back to past centuries, to still arouse the emotions of the truest tradition today.
Taking inspiration from medieval architecture, our master craftsmen create a varied universe of art treasures in Impruneta ceramics to hand down boundless beauty and timeless art. Crafted in various shapes according to functional needs to adapt to any atmosphere, the decorative vases and refined terracotta pillars create furnishing solutions designed to amaze.

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Terracotta wall ornaments

Decorations in Tuscan terracotta designed to enrich the rooms and walls of each house with traditional designs and decorations, both classic and modern.
The ornamental terracotta enhances walls, ceilings and even floors, capturing attention with personality and filling every living corner and outdoor space with splendid art. Each decorative accessory is made entirely by hand with one of the most resistant, long-lived and sought-after materials in the world: Impruneta terracotta.

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Special in terracotta

The decorative elements "Special in terracotta" are made of high quality materials and are characterized by their originality and uniqueness. These pieces are made with fine earthenware, and come in many different shapes and sizes to suit every need.
Terracotta is a very resistant and durable material, able to resist bad weather and atmospheric agents, guaranteeing maximum reliability and durability over time. Thanks to its natural beauty, terracotta is able to give a touch of elegance and refinement to any environment.
The "Special in terracotta" decorative elements are perfect for beautifying the garden, the terrace, the veranda or any other outdoor area, but they can also be used inside the house, in environments such as the living room, kitchen or bedroom .

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